National Apprentice Week – Meet our current apprentices

Apprentices attending the 2019 ASTE


National Apprentice Week is wrapping up and we could not be more proud of our current apprentices. Here is a quick view of our six apprentices:


First up we have Bridgette with L & N Performance Auto Repair in Blowing Rock, NC. Owner Lucas Underwood says “Bridgette is genuinely an asset to our operation! Easily one of the hardest workers we’ve ever had! Bridgette is committed to learning and growing as one of the elite next generation techncians!” We are proud to have Bridgette in our program!

Bridgette working at L&N Performance Auto Repair


Next up we have Israel with King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, NC. Staff at Kings can’t seem to say enough good things about him. Vice President, Steve Poole says, “Israel has become a bright star in the automotive world. He comes to work every day with a smile and is a pleasure to work with. His great sense of humor and work ethic makes him a great fit for our shop.”

Steve and Israel working together


Down the street from King’s we have apprentice Alec at Piper’s Automotive in Raleigh, NC.

Alec signing up to be an apprentice


Another Triangle apprentice is Atticus at Carfix in Raleigh, NC. Owner Mike Allen says, “Having an apprentice in the shop has been a great learning experience for all of us.¬† Atticus brings energy and enthusiasm to the team and his positive attitude and willingness to help are infectious.¬† We are very happy we decided to participate in the Apprentice Program.”

Atticus working at Carfix in Raleigh


Moving along to Sanford, NC we have apprentice Marby at R & N Motor Company, Inc. Owner Robert Crawford says, “Marby came to us fresh out of High School . He is currently attending the local Community College but when he is not in class, he is here learning new skills. He has been working next to our techs and is picking up the skills needed to move forward. He is also learing to interact with customers. Marby has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy addition to our team and we are looking forward to his future with us.” Keep up the good work Marby!

 Apprentice Marby working at R & N Motor Company


Our final apprentice is Jacob with Wendell Tire Co.

Jacob working at Wendell Tire Co. in Wendell, NC.


Thank you to our participating apprentices and shops for growing the NC Automotive Apprenticeship Program. We are thankful to have so many great participants making the program happen. If you know of someone interested in becoming an apprentice or a shop interested in hosting an apprentice, contact IGONC at (919)-322-0606 or email Check out our website for more information.





Written by Maddi Hennessey

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