Top 10 Benefits of Doing an Apprenticeship

We’ve all been there. High school is over and your adult life has just begun, with friends and families urging you to take the next step as soon as possible. There seem to be only two options available: going to college or finding a job. However, it’s now that you could realize you’re not interested in going to college. At the same time, you might not feel ready to jump in a full-time job either.

In this case, an apprenticeship could be the right choice for you.

An apprenticeship is a valuable work-based learning experience which provides young people with the opportunity to develop an extensive set of skills through training, assessments and first-hand experience on the work field. The increasing value of apprenticeships is highlighted by students and employers alike, with the 76% of the latter claiming to have seen an improvement in productivity thanks to the employment of apprentices.

Stay with us to discover the top ten benefits an apprenticeship can have for you.

1. Learn while working

As a school leaver, you might feel like working is the best choice after graduation – money, independence and a boost in confidence. However, you might not be sure you possess enough working and interpersonal skills to help you land a full-time job.

In this case, an apprenticeship presents itself as the most suitable option to help you develop both sets of skills. Being a work-based learning experience, an apprenticeship allows you to learn a job directly on the workplace whilst providing you with the support of the classroom environment.

2. Earn while learning

Earning a salary is a crucial part of becoming an adult. With the beginning of your adult life, it’s normal to wish to be more financially independent from your family’s help.

We’ve got good news for you. Apprentices can be misunderstood as free labor, that is not the case. Being an apprentice requires you to earn wages while being a student!

3. Build a strong work experience on the field

Whilst part of your training takes place in the classroom, you’ll spend most of your time in the workplace. In this way, you’ll be able to learn the practical side of your job rather than focusing solely on the theory behind it.

The unique structure of an apprenticeship provides you with the opportunity to learn from peers and seniors, thus allowing you to gain a clear advantage over your colleagues who have just left university.

4. Learn key skills

Working with seasoned technicians you’ll quickly recognize the key skills needed to be successful. During your apprenticeship, you’ll be required to complete the skills listed on our competency checklist. You’ll walk away from your completed apprenticeship with these skills mastered as well as your journeyman’s card.

In many automotive apprentice programs, the apprentice will work with a dealership and work on a specific few types of vehicles. Our apprentices become employed with local independent garage owners. This allows you to learn about all types of vehicles ranging in age, condition, make and model.

5. Boost your resume

Being based on the work place, your course will allow you to develop skills which will boost your resume.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you won’t need to worry about not having gained experience on the field. You’ll have spent two years working in a local shop gaining helpful knowledge and skills that owners will require once you are ready to become a full-time technician.

At the end of your apprenticeship, your resume will not only display your knowledge of the industry you work in, but also the confidence you’ve built by working alongside seniors and peers. It will also show your commitment to learn a new profession and your maturity in undergoing an experience which requires real hard work.

6. Receive qualifications recognized by chartered bodies and institutions

Apprenticeships are structured work and learning experiences which end with a qualification recognized by chartered bodies and official institutions within your sector.

During your learner’s journey, you’ll work towards your qualification by sitting exams, working on a portfolio and getting ready for your final interview. Once you’ve ticked all these requirements off your list, celebrate – you’re officially qualified for the job of your dreams.

7. Valuable network connections

While working in a local shop, you’ll create meaningful connections with professional technicians and shop owners. Learning from experienced techs will help you move forward in your career. Once you have your degree and journeyman’s card, you can reach out to those connections you made to be good references for you as you search a shop to work at.

8. No student loan

Despite being classified as a learning experience, an apprenticeship doesn’t require you to get a student loan.

In fact, differently from tuition fees, apprenticeship costs are covered by your employer and the Government. This is a great benefit of doing an apprenticeship, as it allows you to focus on your qualification without worrying about repaying a student debt. As a bonus, the NC Apprenticeship Program pays tuition for a two year degree from a local community college if you are enrolled as an apprentice before high school graduation. We also offer programs that can allow you to get tools and books paid for too!

10. Use it as a stepping stone to further you education/career path

It is possible you are unsure about your future or the career path you want to take. If you are sure you are interested in the automotive industry, this is a fantastic start. You can utilize this apprenticeship program to get a two year degree and transfer to a four-year institution.

9. Get bespoke and one-to-one support

Lastly, but definitely most importantly, in an apprenticeship you’ll never be alone.

With Apprenticeship NC, we are aware of how much effort and hard work our students put in their apprenticeships. We take PRIDE in our learners and do anything to support you throughout your journey with us.

As an apprentice, you’ll get bespoke support from your coaches. Coaches play a fundamental part in your learner journey. They not only provide you with training, but also make sure your working environment and employer are offering you the tools to develop and progress correctly.


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Written by Maddi Hennessey

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