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Tips for Maintaining an Electric Car

October 23rd, 2020 by

EVs Can Be Easier to Maintain Than Gas Vehicles Electric vehicle (EV) powertrains are much simpler than internal combustion engines. They have significantly fewer parts, and those parts are much smaller and lighter. In fact, most EV motors can be carried by one person. These motors don’t require oil changes, spark plug replacement, or oil

What The Fabricated? Worst DIY Car Modifications

October 6th, 2020 by

Since the first cars were sold, mankind has gotten the idea that we can improve this, beyond the factory options, and sometimes that’s true. However, there are instances where this idea goes horribly wrong. Just when I thought an over abundance of zip ties, JB Weld, and duct tape holding a car together was bad,

3 Electric Vehicle Maintenance Areas You Don’t Want to Skip

September 28th, 2020 by

Electric vehicle maintenance may not be nearly as involved as what’s required to keep a traditional gas-powered automobile on the road, but you might be surprised by just how much crossover there is between the two systems. Even though they don’t require oil or fuel, electric vehicles (EVs) still use similar components as other cars

Learn the ABC’s of Car Care

September 2nd, 2020 by

  Back-to-school season is the ideal time to review your ABCs; the ABCs of car care, that is. The Car Care Council recommends that motorists brush up on their auto care knowledge to make sure their vehicle is operating at its most efficient level before the school year commences and the onset of fall and

Car Care and Maintenance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

August 26th, 2020 by

Tips for keeping your car dependable while keeping yourself safe Consumers have many worries right now during the coronavirus pandemic. Somewhere on the list for some is keeping their car dependable, especially for those who work at “essential” businesses and need to commute. There are many basic car care tasks, such as checking fluids and inspecting tires,

How To Start a Car That Has Been Sitting For 1 Year

July 29th, 2020 by

So you’ve dug into your garage, thrown away the stacks of outdated automotive magazines, found the dusty carcass of your old car, and decided it’s time to revive your baby? An excellent thought as now’s the perfect time to start a long-dead car. Sitting cars can suffer from a variety of maladies, including stale gas,

Junkyard Gem: 1991 Ford Festiva with 317K miles

July 28th, 2020 by

Most cars that make it to astoundingly high mileage figures tend to fall into one of two categories: engineering masterpieces that ended up being hard to kill (and got a lifetime of at least the most important maintenance items) or machines that inspired unquestioning love from owners willing to keep opening their wallets for decades